Improve Your Mood - Recipe For A Good Mood Collage

Step 7: How to illustrate your ingredients

Have ready some collage materials – decorative papers, coloured papers, magazine pages, etc. You’ll use these to cut or tear your shapes from, ready to collage them down. Tearing accurately is easier than you think and gives a lovely edge to your shapes.


Before you begin, look at the following ways you could create your shapes.


Visualizing your shapes

How will you represent your ingredients?

Some of your ingredients will be easy to visualize. An elephant, a flower, a loved one, etc. We’ll come back to these easy-to-visualize ingredients later.

Do you have some ingredients that are a bit hard to visualize?


For example,

‘An echo of Dunham Massey’  (Dunham Massey is a National Trust Park in Cheshire)


Then try this idea:


  • Write the ingredient in the middle of a blank piece of paper
  • On the same sheet, jot down ideas (in words or sketches) for how you could illustrate it. Include obvious ideas and also try to think of more unusual ideas. There’s no such thing as a bad idea - put anything down that you think of.  It doesn’t matter what your drawings look like either, as these are quick sketches that you can adapt at a later stage


mind map with sketches


  • Next choose one of your ideas so you can make a shape and cut this out of a paper of your choice.  Don’t worry about scale in your collage. However, be aware not to make your ingredients too small or too large for the size of paper you’ve chosen



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