Improve Your Mood - Recipe For A Good Mood Collage

Step 8: Make your collage

  • Once you’ve cut or torn out all your collage pieces, which represent all your ingredients, lay them on your background. Don’t stick them down yet. Rather, try moving them around to find the best place for them




  • Try not to make your collage too crowded or use too much of the same material
  • Make a quick sketch or take a photo using your mobile or camera of your design. That way you’ll have it to refer to (should the pieces be knocked out of place or you want to try out several designs) 
  • Remember, having overlapping pieces can look very effective


  • Now you’re ready to glue. Go slowly and carefully to avoid knocking your collage arrangement

Some more suggestions:

What you can do with collage is endless;

  • Add words from magazines or newspapers

  • Draw over the top of your collage using a fine black pen
  • Draw or write on acetate or tracing paper and stick over the top of your collage so that colours are revealed below. You can buy acetate from stationery shops, computer accessory shops (which stocks print papers) and craft shops


Example writing on acetate:


Using acetate

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