Improve Your Mood - Create Your Own Collage Papers

Create your own papers using collage

Using basic collage techniques, you can create your own decorative papers, from which you can then cut shapes.



You will need:

  • Plain and coloured papers
  • Glue stick or PVA
  • Glue spreader
  • Baby wipes/damp cloth


People who made the examples in our gallery used an 'Illustrate my feeling' mind map and took their inspiration from their written ‘Recipes for a Good Mood’. They identified the feelings their Recipes called to mind, and chose colours, shapes and patterns to illustrate those feelings.


  • Have a look at our example below for ‘Warmth’, and then try your own ‘Illustrate my Feeling’ mind map. There is no right or wrong as these are shapes, patterns and colours which you associate with a feeling and can be abstract 


What is a mind map?

A mind map is a diagram that uses words or sketches to note ideas linked to a central, key word. A mind map gives you the opportunity to explore many different concepts and shows the process of developing them.  Mind maps are useful for generating, visualising and organizing thoughts and ideas. They can also be used to make decisions, solve problems and recall memories.


Warmth - Mind Map

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