Improve Your Mood - Create Your Own Collage Papers

Create your own papers using mark making


Another way of personalising papers is using mark-making techniques. 'Mark-making' is the marks that you can make using drawing or painting tools. 


You will need:

  • Plain paper
  • Any of the following - Coloured pencils, felt tips and markers, acrylic paints or any paint that is suitable for paper
  • Mark making tools - a selection of tools to experiment with
  • Glue


Above are some examples of papers (made using acrylic paint).  You can use any tool available to you and these doesn't have to be expensive art equipment. Try experimenting with a drinking straw, a cocktail stick, lolly sticks - or anything which is available to you. When creating your mark-making decorative papers, try using your favourite colours; or try out colours, textures and patterns that you associate with the feelings your Recipe for a Good Mood inspires. You may like to try another mind map to help you with this.

You can see that some of the examples show you how to use these papers in collages as well. The colours used here are the colours associated with the feelings ‘warm,’ ‘calm and happy,' and ‘refreshed.'  People chose these feelings from writing their ‘Recipes For a Good Mood’.


Stuck on ways to make marks? Download our worksheet found on this page on ‘Tools and Techniques’ for ways to use different tools.


Now that you’ve had a go at decorating collage papers, go back to our Recipe For a Good Mood collage exercise armed with your delightful new papers and get going on your Recipe collage.


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