Improve Your Mood - My Secret Space - Creative Writing

Step 1: Your Secret Space

  • Spend a few moments thinking about what your Secret Space is like. Imagine what it is like to go there. Is it a building, another kind of enclosed space, a place in nature? Your space doesn’t need to be a room or a house, it could be a cave, a tent, a mountainside – anywhere where you feel safe
  • Use the following prompts to write about your space. You don’t have to use all (or any) of them and feel free to add your own ideas. You'll be using these responses to create a poem or piece of writing about your Secret Space:
  • Where is your space?
  • Does your space have windows? What are they like?
  • What kind of door does your space have (if any)?
  • What is the light like in your space?
  • What is your favourite time of day in your space? Why?
  • What objects are in your space?
  • What colour(s) is your space?
  • What do those colours make you think of?
  • What does the space smell of?
  • If you stretch out your arms, what can you touch?
  • What does the floor/ground feel like?
  • What sounds can you hear in your space?
  • Where do you sleep in this space?
  • What kind of music do  you play in your space?
  • What do you eat in your space?
  • What are you doing now in your space?
  • If someone were going to visit you – who would it be? Why would you choose this person?
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