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Examples of Travel Journals 

Tip - Composition:

Chances are your book is made of white paper. You can make use of this if you want to, by leaving white background in your composition. It can make your page look fresh and simple. If you cut out interesting shapes, it can make those shapes stand out dramatically. White can suggest winter,  or an overcast sky too. Examples 2-4 on the next couple of pages show how this can work well.


Example 2: Travel Journal


Travel Journal - Example 2


In this example, the creator has left white around the cut out shapes, which makes for quite dramatic edges and composition. 


"This is my page about an amazing train ride up into the mountains in cold weather.  I designed the page with the curving shapes and white edges, to emphasise the wiggling train journey, and the snow that crept over the landscape as we went higher and higher."

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