Improve Your Mood - Travel Journal - Collage

Examples of Travel Journals:

Sometimes it’s effective to cover the whole page and have no white. Maps, colourful sections from brochures and magazines, and tickets, can be good for making backgrounds. You get interesting patchwork effects if you piece together from various materials. See our examples below for inspiration.


Example 4:


Travel Journal - Example 4


In this example, the creator has packed the page full of impressions.


"I spent a few chilly but pleasant days in Bruges, and everywhere I looked, there were chocolate shops, cafes and restaurants. It was all very tempting, warm and hospitable, and very characteristic of the city. Filling the page up and making it busy, colourful and cosy looking helps to capture my memory of all that tempting grub, and the delicious and warming hot chocolate that I drank."



Example 5:


Travel Journal - Example 5


Here's another example of full pages. Look how the pictures overlap each other and bustle with impressions and memories.


"I went to Aberdovey for the day. The weather was mild and serene. I went for a walk above the village, enjoyed a cuppa and looked at the wild flowers blooming in the hedges. I cut out shapes from white and coloured papers where I couldn’t find what I wanted in brochures. This page successfully reminds me of my nice day out."


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