Improve Your Mood - Travel Journal - Collage

Tip: Stuck for ideas on how to depict something?

Try to think about different and simple ways of depicting the experience. You could use a word, an image, or suggest a sound.


Example 6:


Travel Journal - Example 6


In this example the creator has used horseshoes to depict a horse and carriage ride.


"I didn't want to try cutting out a horse so I pondered how else to show the memory of the ride. I could have used 'sound' words such as clip clop, but I chose horseshoes as they’re quite easy to cut."


Not sure if you can cut a neat symmetrical shape?


It’s easy!

  • Just fold a sheet of paper in two and draw half of your shape, working from the fold outwards
  • Now cut out your shape and you have a template to use. You can cut your shape out of any collage material now



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