Improve Your Mood - Write Your Recipe For A Good Mood

Step 1: Your ingredients

Your ingredients can be anything that enhances your life - things you do; people, pets and places you love, warm memories, favourite times of day and so on.


Choosing ingredients:

A good starting point is thinking about what your ideal day would consist of.

  • Jot this down to begin with
  • Below is a list of categories that may inspire you to come up with your ingredients. Use whichever interest you and add extra categories if you want to. Write examples of things you like next to each of your chosen categories. Some categories may suggest only one answer


For example,

Your favourite season


whilst in other categories you may have a list of ideas,


For example,

Your favourite sounds


  • Your favourite season
  • Your favourite time of day
  • Your favourite place
  • Your favourite colours
  • Your favourite hobbies and activities
  • Your favourite weather
  • Your favourite smells
  • Your favourite sounds
  • Your favourite animals
  • Your favourite music
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