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Step 5: Adding similes

As this recipe is about feelings you may like to make it as richly descriptive as possible. Similes are a particularly good way of adding depth to a description. A simile compares one thing to another thing, with the aim of making the description richer. It uses the word ‘like’ or ‘as’ in the sentence.


For example:

A summer’s evening as soft as velvet

Spring blossom falling like snow

You can use similes to make your recipe more interesting and imaginative.


  • Choose one of your ingredients with its description


For example:

A tranquil summer


  • Think about what you could compare quiet to. What things are quiet? Jot down ideas on your mind map


For example:

tranquil as…. wind in the trees, a mouse, an owl in flight.


  • Now add the simile to your description. You'll see that rather than repeat the description of 'quiet' twice, we've chosen different words to mean the same thing


For example:

A sprinkle of quiet summer, tranquil as an owl in flight.



We advise only doing this for one or two ingredients otherwise the recipe becomes overcrowded.




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