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Step 6: Method of preparation

Now take a look at these two examples,





A particle of worms and slugs for breakfast

A whisper and nibble of children’s TV
A good dollop of story-time

A tablespoon of the creature of the black lagoon under the bed

A tall glass of innocence



Blend all the ingredients in a dish, and top with a toasted giggle. Whizz in an echo of learning to walk and serve with a warmed up game of hide and seek. Scatter around the house.








1lb of bird’s song

A dozen blossoming trees

A spoonful of red-admiral butterfly

A sprinkling of a Summer’s Day

one good school chum

a pinch of glistening sun.

A mile of sea-side

A dose of the sound of the sea

A glass of the sound of laughter

A handful of colourful clothes

A few clouds

Lots of sunshine

1 oz of the smell of sea and fish ‘n’ chips



Prepare the bird’s song. 
Pour into a bowl the 1lb of sweet bird’s song, preferably from a black bird. Add one dozen blossoming trees, stir in gently a spoonful of red-admiral butterfly.  Add one good school chum full of fond memories, for good measure.  Measure a tranquil sprinkle of Summer’s day.

Next, prepare a long, gentle mile of sea-side, tip in a pinch of glistening sun. Brush in a dose of the sound of the sea. Pour in a large glass of the sound of laughter.  Stir in a handful of colourful clothes.  And for good measure a few, fluffy clouds. Stir in lots of sunshine. Finally add an ounce of the smell of the sea and fish and chips.
Boil on a moderate heat for an hour.


Will Nuttall

These two recipes use different styles for their methods of preparation. In ‘Warm’ the writer has chosen to combine all of his ingredients together without repeating them in his method. He has then added extra ingredients or ‘garnishes’ for the fun of it, finishing off with a serving method.


In ‘Contentment’ the writer has chosen to repeat his ingredients, but has combined several of them and has added extra descriptive words.


  • There’s no right or wrong way to approach your method of preparation. Have a go
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