Improve Your Mood - Write Your Recipe For A Good Mood

Step 7: Your title

What word or feeling would sum up your recipe? Try and keep it short.


For example:



‘A Giggle,’


Now you have your Recipe For a Good Mood!






A sprinkle of sun

2 lrg glasses of laughter

Handful of finest friends

1 purring cat

Mile of seaside


Serves 6


Method of preparation

In a large bowl, whisk a sprinkle of quiet summer, tranquil as an owl in flight.

Slowly add the raucous laughter and belly giggles, stirring continuously.

Throw in a handful of friends and a mischievous cat, retrieved from under foot.

Carefully fold in a meandering stretch of seaside.

Pour the mixture in a saucepan and simmer on a medium heat for an endless Summer day.

Serve with a sprig of stories told and a warm feeling.

Best enjoyed with a glass of Rosé.


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