Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

What might these exercises offer?

The Body Language exercises:

  • Provide an interesting opportunity to explore feelings in a little more depth, identifying and labelling associated body language and enhancing our body language ‘vocabulary’
  • Enable us to improve our sensitivity to the feelings of others, through better ability to interpret body language, therefore enhancing relationships
  • Offer us insights into becoming more aware of, and accepting, our own moods – research shows that this helps to reduce stress
  • Give us new and unusual ways of reading and relating to artworks that depict people – artworks feel much more relevant to us if they have a personal resonance, and if we feel we understand their language
  • Prompt us to see ourselves in a positive light and recognise our personal strengths – this is a great way to boost our confidence and self-esteem


Word of warning

Reading body language is by no means an exact science. We all have different ‘normal’ or ‘baseline’ behaviour and it is changes to this behaviour that can signal how we are feeling. Don’t judge people solely by their body language and remember that it is more important to be ‘present’ with someone with whom we are communicating, than to be occupied with worry about how one or other of us may be standing, holding our heads or gesturing with our hands!