Relate To Others Confidently - Being James Curtis


What other people said:

“He looks quite untidy and his trousers are terrible, it’s like he’s dressed for two different occasions or maybe he was trying to dress down and look casual.  Whatever he was aiming for it isn’t working!”

“The setting looks very grand so he must be rich or important. He looks hardworking to me and I think this is how he got his wealth. I would trust him, I
think he has an honest face.”

“I think he looks arrogant and I don’t find him likeable or trustworthy. I think he’s having this portrait painted to build his reputation and career.”

“This isn’t a way I would usually sit and I couldn’t hold it for more than five minutes. I feel quite pompous and unnatural sitting like this.”

“Sitting like this doesn’t feel as bad as I thought it would, I feel quite grounded and alert.”


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