Relate To Others Confidently - Body Language in Art Wellbeing Tour

Byron's Early Love

  • What do you think is going on in this painting? What’s the story?
  Do you think there will be a happy ending for anyone? If yes, for whom?
  • What can you notice about how the artist has used light, shade and colour to create mood in this composition?


How do you feel towards the man standing outside of the window? Do you see him as excluded or intruding?


What comments did this painting attract from those on the Unspoken course?

“The man is observing people at a party and I think he likes the woman we can see but he is sad because she is talking with another man. I don’t think this will have a happy ending for him as he looks so sad and lacking any hope. You can see this in his face.”


What next?

  • Is there something that you are finding difficult to attain or achieve at this present time? How can you bring yourself a little closer to this goal? (If you'd like tips on setting goals you can find helpful hints here).
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