Relate To Others Confidently - Body Language in Art Wellbeing Tour

"Thank you for this photography activity it has been an opportunity to learn first about myself, secondly about other people and thirdly about a subject close to my heart- art and expressions (body language)."

On the Balcony and May Day

  • Compare the two groups of three women in these paintings.  What do you notice about their facial expressions and postures? 
Does this tell you anything about the relationships between them?
 How have the artists composed the figures to convey an atmosphere? 
Which painting would you rather inhabit?


What comments did these paintings attract from those on the Unspoken course?

The participants were asked to write a diary entry for one of the women in the paintings.

Alan chose the central figure in On the Balcony.
“Had a pleasant lunch. It was a nice day so sat out on the balcony but T and V followed!!! Can’t seem to get away from them. Waiting for A to come home to see what gifts he has and hopefully I will get the best one. Tomorrow I will go to the beach and with a bit of luck I can get some time on my own with A. PS My ball of string has not got bigger.”



  • Write a diary entry about what you have done or experienced today that lifted your spirits 
 Think back to a time you have spent with friends that has lifted your spirits and write a back dated diary entry for that day


What next?

  • Reflect on the people in your life who lift your spirits or cheer you up or that you just love to be around. What is it about them that you most admire?
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