Relate To Others Confidently - Body Language in Art Wellbeing Tour

On the Threshold and A Passing Cloud

  • What is the relationship between the two people in each painting? 
What gives you this impression?
    Think about the following to help you form an impression:
  • Proximity – how close are they to each other?
  • Orientation – are they facing towards or away from each other?
  • Posture and gesture – are they standing, sitting, slouching, leaning..?
  • Facial expression – are they joyful, sad, angry, surprised, disgusted, afraid..?


What comments did these paintings attract from those on the Unspoken course?

“There is a distance between them. The woman is unhappy and alone. She is feeling weak and in need of support. The man has a tightly closed fist. He is disappointed and fed up.”


  • Which painting was being talked about, do you think?



  • Think about a couple you know, either in real life or from a film or TV program. What non-verbal signals do they project that tell you how they are getting on?


What next?

  • What qualities do you look for in someone with whom you might start a relationship?
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