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Osier Peeling on the Cam

  • What do you notice about the way the artist has portrayed this 19th century working mother? Observe the woman’s posture – her body is turned towards her work but where is she looking? What do you think this tells us?


What comments did this painting attract from those on the Unspoken course?


“A worried expression on her face. An industrious pose with her body facing the task and her mind on the child. She is painted like a heroine, like Britannia.”


What next?

  • If you are feeling overwhelmed by having too many things to do, try this three minute breathing space as a way of creating a short pause in your life. You may be surprised at what a difference three minutes can make!


Having to do many things at once is a predicament of modern life.  This exercise will give you an opportunity to try a bit of 'non-doing' or mindfulness. Mindfulness is 'Awareness, of present experience with acceptance.'
Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, C. Germer, R.Siegal and P.Fulton (Eds.), New York; Guildford Press, 2005


Three minute breathing practice:

  • Just notice your breath moving in and out of your body without changing anything
  • Become aware of any sensations and feelings, without judging them or yourself
  • When your attention wanders (as it always does) just gently bring it back with your breathing
  • Notice if there are any changes in the way you are seeing things or feeling


You can repeat this exercise whenever you feel a need for some space in your busy life.

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