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Two Figures: What Maisie Knew

  • What is the story between this man and woman? Are they married, friends, family, strangers, enemies? Give yourself a couple of minutes to notice the thoughts you have and the stories you tell yourself about this couple.  
What if the painting had a different title? Look at the different titles below and consider how your interpretation changes with each of them. Which one most fits your original feeling about what was going on in this painting?
  • A Broken Promise 
  • The Patient
  • A Proposition
  • The Letter
  • Hubby and Marie (This is the title that was used for this painting until recent research uncovered Sickert’s original title.)


  • What would you call this painting?


What comments did this painting attract from those on the Unspoken course?


"I look at her and see so much longing in her.  She's longing for something or remembering something. she's not even hearing him.  She is somewhere else."



  • Look at the alternative poses we have created with actors and decide how the story changes in each of them. 
What titles would you give each of these?


What next?

  • Try consciously changing your body language a little, when talking to someone you know and see if it has any effect on them – for instance, try mirroring your companion’s gestures, leaning forward or back, slouching or sitting erect. You can describe your actions after a few minutes, so as not to create a false impression! Ask your companion if they noticed the change and if so, how did it feel?



Don’t do anything you wouldn’t like done to you and best not to flirt inappropriately!


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