Relate To Others Confidently - The Big Six

In these exercises we’ll look at how emotion is expressed in the body and how we read the intensity of these emotions using our knowledge of body language. We’ll also be learning and building vocabulary to describe what we see.

Wellbeing benefits:

Feel close to others
Be self aware

Examples of how this activity can help me:

I want to be more aware and accepting of my own moods.
I want to take positive steps to deal with strong emotions that I feel. 


Looking at the six primary emotions of anger, sadness, fear, joy, love and surprise - various bite-sized lengths. 

Who can I do this activity with?

On my own or with others.

Where can I do this activity?

Follow these instructions online or print them off.

How often can I do this activity?

Come back to read about these emotions as often as desired.

What do I need?

  • Pen/Pencil
  • PDF printout - if following offline
  • Piece of paper - if following activity online

Did you know?

‘Emotional Literacy’ is the ability to recognize, understand and appropriately express our emotions. Studies show that anything we do to enhance our ‘Emotional Literacy’ is beneficial to our wellbeing. Good emotional literacy helps us to be more aware of our own feelings and to be more sensitive to the feelings of others, and this can, in turn, enhance relationships.

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