Relate To Others Confidently - The Big Six

Getting started:

We’ll be looking at the six primary emotions of anger, sadness, fear, joy, love and surprise. Primary emotions are what we feel in immediate response to a situation before we have time to think about it. As in colour theory, these six primary emotions are the red, yellow and blue from which all other feelings are mixed. There is dispute amongst psychologists as to which emotions are primary, how many there are, and even whether they exist at all. But for the following exercises we will be using the primary emotions as described by American Professor of Psychology W. Gerrod Parrott in 2001.


Over the following pages we're going to take a closer look at some photographs of an actor depicting primary emotions.


As we’re looking at some strong emotions in this section, it’s wise to make sure you feel fine to try these exercises. As with all exercises, do these if they feel right to you. Use your own judgement to tell if it may not be the ideal time for you to look at a particular emotion due to current life circumstances.


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