Strengthen Your Thinking - Autumn Leaves - Creative Writing

Part 1 - Autumn Leaves

Step 1: Art Appreciation 

Autumn is often described as a ‘warm’ season.  

  • Look at the ‘Autumn leaves’ painting by Millias.  What ‘warm’ words or phrases would you use to describe the painting and how it shows autumn?



Try and do this step before looking at our examples, so you won’t be influenced by what is written – remember there is no right or wrong.



Step 2: Write a short poem

  • Write a 3 or 4-line poem using your warm autumn words from Step 1, inspired by the painting ‘Autumn Leaves.’  Remember a poem doesn’t need to rhyme.  Write your poem before reading our examples below, so you’re not influenced by them.


"I really enjoyed writing this poem."


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