Strengthen Your Thinking - Autumn Leaves - Creative Writing

Step 2: Compare autumn and spring 



Quote from Keats’s letter to John Hamilton Reynolds:


"I never lik’d stubble fields so much as now – Aye better than the chilly green of the spring. Somehow a stubble plain looks warm – in the same way that some pictures look warm."


In this letter Keats compares the warmth of autumn with ‘the chilly green of spring.’ You are going to do the same thing.


  • You have your "warm" words to describe the painting/autumn. Now think of "chilly" words or phrases to describe early spring



You might want to use a mind map to come up with chilly words for early spring. Write anything down that you think of - there is no right or wrong.  You’ll be writing a poem using your comparisons of the two seasons in the next step.


What's a mind map?

A mind map is a diagram that uses words or sketches to note ideas linked to a central, key word. A mind map gives you the opportunity to explore many different concepts and shows the process of developing them.  Mind maps are useful for generating, visualising and organising ideas. They can also be used to make decisions, solve problems and to recall memories. You can see an example of a mind map below.


Example spring mind map


Other people's thoughts of spring: 


  • Light
  • Sun beginning to melt the mornings
  • Chill in the air (winter still murmurs on the wind)
  • World awakening
  • Ice blue skies
  • Earth still trapped beneath early morning frosts
  • Heralding summer
  • Relief
  • Time for growing and opening out
  • Fresh
  • Cool greens


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