Strengthen Your Thinking - Autumn Leaves - Creative Writing

Step 3: Compare the seasons

When starting to write a poem, having rules to stick to can be helpful in shaping our thoughts into a poem. Working with constraints can help build upon our problem solving skills.


  • Write a short poem or piece of writing comparing the two seasons. You might want to limit yourself to 5 lines to start with
  • Have a look at some of our examples afterwards


In examples 1 and 2 the writers have chosen write a short piece of writing.


Example 1:


Burnt browns and crisp oranges warm the earth layer upon layer, sleeping early and rising late, a perpetual fire smouldering in the rusty skies.  Diligent squirrels forage whilst the rest of the world cosies down. Spring hides in soils below, feeding on autumns decay, turning browns to fresh greens, defiant of logic. White and yellow scatter fields of fresh green dressed in dew, accompanied by pale sun stretching weakly into the early morning.


Example 2:


The chill of autumn but without its fire

Early morning dragon breath replaces wood smoke

The promise of better times to come



In examples 3 and 4 the writer has chosen to write a longer poem.


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