Strengthen Your Thinking - Flower Acrostic Poems

Create short, inventive pieces of writing using acrostics.
This enjoyable and simple way of writing gives our brains a gentle stretch, encouraging us to think differently.

An acrostic is a poem that is a form of ‘constrained’ writing. This means it is written in a specific way. The benefit of constrained writing is that it gives you a pattern for your poem, instead of starting with a blank sheet.

Wellbeing benefits:

Think imaginatively
Work within constraints
Problem solve

Examples of how this activity can help me:

I want to improve my ability to take in new information and use it creatively.
I want to learn to think in new and flexible ways, which can help in other parts of my life.  


30 minutes+

Who can I do this activity with?

On my own or with others. It's interesting to see how different people's acrostic poems are when using the same subject as inspiration.

Where can I do this activity?

Indoors or out.

How often can I do this activity?

 Use this creative writing technique with any subject, or name. 

What do I need?

  • A4 paper – lined or plain
  • A pen/pencil
  • Printed Plant labels (or view online)

Did you know?

Creative activity can tap into creative potential and improve the ability to think in flexible ways. Thinking flexibly helps us gain the skills to solve problems more confidently and effectively, and cope with challenges.

"I used this activity to make acrostic plant labels which I laminated and put in my garden!"

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