Strengthen Your Thinking - Flower Acrostic Poems

Step 2: Mind mapping 

  • Write your chosen plant in the middle of a page
  • Using a mind map, write words, phrases or memories that you associate with the plant


What is a mind map?

A mind map is a diagram that uses words or sketches to note ideas linked to a central, key word. A mind map gives you the opportunity to explore many different concepts and shows the process of developing them.

Mind maps are useful for generating, visualising and organising ideas. They can also be used to make decisions, solve problems and to recall memories.


It doesn’t matter if you use lots of different words that mean the same thing, as this can help you to find the word that best fits.

Underline any words on your mind map that begin with the letters that are used in your topic word.

Use your mind map as a starting point for your poem.


 Daisy mind map example

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