Strengthen Your Thinking - Free Writing

Step 1: Free Writing

Within different cultures flowers are given particular meanings. In this exercise we have chosen seven flowers together with their meanings, taken from Nineteeth Century British tradition around the language of flowers. 

  • Choose one of the following sentences from which to do five minutes of free writing from.  If you get stuck write ‘im stuck im stuck im stuck until you begin writing again. Alternatively you can write out your chosen sentence to restart your free writing



Baby’s Breath (Happiness):

“I woke up in the sun-struck mountains…”


Edelweiss (Courage):

“I squared my body and took a breath…”


Almond Blossom (Hope):

“I stepped out into the clear, blue air…”


Cinnamon (Love):

“I reached out and touched my beloved’s face….”


White Camellia (You're Adorable):

“My heart was a small deer, leaping….”


Vervain (Earthly Balance):

“I weighed things up in my mind…”


Clematis (Present Moment):

“At that very moment, I felt alive….”



For example: Edelweiss (Courage)

I squared my body and took a breath a giant leap of faith not knowing but feeling stuck I was in over my head my senses were overwhelmed I carried on blindly looking for a way out as the voice in my head shouted instructions all around me was chaos as I search for answers but only more questions I carried on with purpose to the ever expanding horizon in pursuit of the future looking for a landmark a point of reference but the landscape was barren and I could not see for the light which blinded me and hurt my eyes I had to carry on there was no choice




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