Strengthen Your Thinking - Haiku - Creative Writing

Step 3: Free writing

  • Free write for 5 minutes on the ‘haiku moments’ in summer time. These can be sounds, sights, smells, textures and other experiences
    Haiku are almost always written in the present tense even if the experience is from the past.

What is Free writing?

Free writing is a process of writing where you don’t really think about what you’re writing. You don’t stop, you write freely, without using any punctuation (full stops, commas, etc).  You simply write for a certain amount of time on a given subject.  There is nothing right or wrong about what you write.  If you get stuck write ‘im stuck im stuck im stuck until you begin writing again.


Example of Free writing:

Red dragonfly landing on new book wings going up and down caravan fleece on sun and cloud afternoon dog barking few leaves scattered on damp grass dog sleeping sun hot cool air orange montbretia red berries purple heather birds chirping buzzard crying looking at sun through sunglasses shapes of clouds running yesterday late sun beach cormorants opening wings on rocks small yellow sailing boat mountains details brought out by sun running on narrow muddy path sea daisies river swans 2 where river meets sea no litter heart beating man picking blackberries sitting on bench looking at sea crappy trainers reading about spiritual aspects of running walking meditation horses

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