Strengthen Your Thinking - Make Marks to Music - Drawing

Step 4: What should I do with my marks?

Keep all your mark making exercises safely, perhaps in a notebook or sketchbook. These are the beginnings of your extended ‘visual vocabulary’, and will be an important resource to you. By referring to and using them, you can make the drawings you do in the future more descriptive and creative.  If you’d like to try this straightaway, go to our ‘Draw an Object’ exercise to give you some guidance on drawing an object. You’ll find you can use your newly discovered or newly practised creative marks to pep up an otherwise straightforward drawing.


Here is an example:



You can use inventive marks or ‘doodles,’ at any opportunity to practise this creative skill.  If you enjoy doodling and would like to look at another exercise involving it, go to Hand stitching: Stitch Doodles on Fabric.  Did you know that doodling can help your concentration? If you’d like to read a little about the study that shows this to be true, click here.







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