Strengthen Your Thinking - Stitch a Bird on Paper

Step 5: Punch holes in the paper

  • Position the bird template over your paper or card, secure with masking tape, and place on the padded surface
  • Hold the needle vertically, as shown below, and punch holes through both the template and the paper or card along the lines of the bird image 
Hold the needle vertically


  • Holes should be approximately 3 - 5mm apart around its (These holes will be used for stitching) 
  • Don’t make the stitches too close to each other or the paper may tear; if it does, repair on the back with a small piece of tape
  • For a neat and accurate outline, always punch a hole where lines meet – this is indicated in pink on the photo. See below. The punched holes should be slightly larger than the needle that’s used for stitching; this is so the thread will run through the holes easily

    punch holes where the lines meet
  • Any decorative stitches within the bird’s outline can be punched after the outline is stitched 
  • Remove the template to reveal the bird outline on your paper or card – all ready to stitch! 
  • Detailed areas such as the owl's face will be easier to stitch if you lightly pencil them in before stitching

lightly pencilled detail on owl's face


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