Strengthen Your Thinking - Stitch Doodles on Fabric

Step 1: Getting started

What are doodles?

A doodle is a simple drawing that is made while the mind is on something else, for example during a prolonged telephone conversation, or whilst daydreaming. It may be representational – landscape, face, animal – or an abstract scribble or pattern.

If you are a ‘doodler’ you can use your own ‘style’ of doodles for the design; if you have never made doodles, try making some the next time you’re watching a boring television program. Find out more by looking at online sites about doodling or try our Doodling activity.
For this exercise we are cheating a bit, because the doodles will be made especially for the purpose of having a design to embroider.

If you’re new to embroidery, watch our Stitching Video Guide, which shows you how to get started.  You could also print out our hand stitching information.

Your stitching will show up most clearly on plain fabric, and it can be of any colour. Once you have a little experience of the technique, and wish to extend your skills, you may like to experiment with using patterned fabrics.


You can use felt or fabric for your embroidered design. The instructions are the same for each, except for transferring the design – instructions for each are provided. (If you'd like to make some felt to stitch onto follow our 'Make Felt' activity).


Be creative wherever you are, as stitching is a portable technique – once you have your design prepared you can take your stitching anywhere with you. It’s socially acceptable to pursue stitching even when in company.








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