Strengthen Your Thinking - Stitch Doodles on Fabric

Step 2: Making a design

Before you start to create your stitched artwork, you’ll make some doodle patterns to use as plans for your embroidery.

  • Select coloured crayons and/or felt tip pens in the colours you want to use for the embroidery
  • Draw several small squares measuring roughly 6 - 12cm or 2½” - 4½”, onto paper, and make different patterns inside each square – see the examples below


Making a design - Stitch Doodles


  • Select one of your patterns to either copy, or use as inspiration, for the stitching.  Choose one that is simple – a complicated pattern will take a long time to stitch!


  • If the design is simple, you could draw it straight onto the fabric – it’s okay if it doesn’t look exactly the same as the paper version.

If you feel confident in stitching straight onto the felt or fabric without a pattern to follow you can go straight to 'Step 3: Stitching onto your design.' Otherwise follow either 'Transferring the design onto felt' instructions or 'Transferring the design onto fabric' instructions.

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