Strengthen Your Thinking - Stitch Doodles on Fabric

Step 3: Stitching your design

If you’re new to embroidery then you can watch our Stitching Video which shows you how to get started.  Print out our How to guides on embroidery stitches which you can refer to as you do the stitching. Running stitch is the easiest one to learn, and you could make your design using this stitch alone


Stitching your design


  • Look at examples of stitches used in different ways and spend some time in deciding which ones you’ll use – you could make a note of them on a copy of your design
  • Select your threads, and you’re ready to start!
  •  If you’re stitching onto felt, and have used tacking stitches to outline the design, gradually remove the tacking stitches as your work progresses – don’t stitch over the tacking stitches as they might be difficult to take out later
  • If you’re stitching onto fabric, and have used a water soluble pen to outline the design, don’t forget to remove the pen marks with water when the stitching is complete
  • When your artwork is completed, you may like to frame it; a wide selection of frames is readily available in supermarkets and from catalogues

Have a look at our stitch doodle gallery for inspiration:



Send the first image in our gallery as an e-card to family or friends.

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