Strengthen Your Thinking - Stitch Doodles on Fabric

Transferring the design onto fabric

1.    Make a copy of your design:

  • Tape the paper design to a window (during daylight!) and tape the lightweight paper over it – you should be able to see the design clearly if you hold the paper close to the window. Trace the design onto the clean paper with a marker or heavy pencil line. Remove the design and its copy from the window
  • Tape the copy you’ve just made to the window, and place and tape the fabric over it, with the design central to the fabric. Trace the design onto the fabric, using the water soluble pen or a pencil.  Pencil marks are difficult to remove from fabric, so draw lightly. If the pattern is intricate, you might just want to trace the main outline of the design


2.    Transfer the design to fabric:

  • In the centre of the fabric, draw a square of the same size as your design onto the fabric – leave a margin of at least 8cm / 3” all around the square- you may need this extra border of fabric if you intend to frame your work.You can cut the fabric back later if necessary


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