Take Charge - Paint a Simple Landscape

Foreground using ‘Salt grain’ technique

Step 1: Get your salt grain

Have ready a small pile of rock salt on the table, ready to use


Step 2: Put down your wash

Choose a new paint colour, from the ones you prepared. Roughly cover the bottom third of your paper. Make it really wet, so you’re working with a pool of colour, as shown


Put down your wash


Step 3: Sprinkle your salt

Quickly sprinkle some of the salt onto it before it begins to dry. See below


Sprinkle your salt


Step 4: Set aside to dry

Let it dry a while before working on the final stage 



Keep the paper flat as it dries, and as you work any further on it, to prevent the paint dripping, or the salt moving.  You can drip a little more paint over some of the salt if you think it needs it.


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