Take Charge - Paint a Simple Landscape


In this exercise you’ll make a small painting on paper using liquid paint, (or “wash” as it is known).

The special effects you’ll achieve are unexpected, yet surprisingly simple.


Drying time may be an hour or two, or maybe overnight depending on which techniques you use.



You may want to make a number of pieces in one sitting, to work on one while another dries.  You’ll also have a selection to choose from or compare.


Setting up of painting materials

 Setting up of painting materials

Set up all your materials as detailed below:

  • Paint: Water-based paint such as acrylic or watercolour: good quality paint will give best results
  • Water - couple of large jars are useful
  • Tissue or kitchen roll - for blotting paints/brushes, and dealing with drips/spillages
  • Brushes – 1 or 2 at least as thick as a biro, to apply wet paint quickly
  • Scissors or ruler, knife and cutting board
  • Thick Paper - cut to approximately postcard size (A6). It needs to be fairly thick paper to take the paint without curling up, such as a thick cartridge paper, or watercolour paper (from an art shop). Cut several pieces
  • A space to work - Artist quality paint may not wash out of cloth, so protect your space by covering up table tops with newspaper or similar, and wear old clothes

Additional materials for techniques:

  • Salt Technique: Rock salt crystals (from a supermarket)
  • Cling-film Technique: Cling-film





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