Take Charge - Tabletop Landscapes - Photography

Step 1: Choose your landscape

  • What sort of landscape would you like to create? 
    You may want to find inspiration from paintings or photography or create something completely new from your imagination. 
  • What words would you use to describe your imagined landscape?
  • Look at some examples of the sort of landscape you would like to make by putting the description of your landscape into a search engine such as Google


For example, 'Green rolling hills,'


Choose your landscape - 'Green, rolling hills'



Step 2: Gather your materials

  • What are the individual elements that make up this landscape?
  • Looking at your source materials write down a list of the features (things) that define this sort of landscape for you


For example;


Landscape Feature:

Farm animals
Blue Sky


  • Next to each feature write down things that you could use to represent these in your model landscape


For example;


Hills - Green fabric, tissue paper, moss
Farm animals - Toy models, pictures
Hedges - Washing up scourers and sponges
Stones - Small stones, cat litter
Trees - Small plants or weeds, artificial plants, green garden wire
Blue sky - Blue fabric, tissue
Clouds - Cotton wool
Flowers - Coloured paper, pictures, small flowers
Fences - Sticks, bits of wood



Sometimes you won't know what will do the job until you see it!


Example: How household items have been used




Now is the time to have a good rummage at the bottom of that set of drawers, cupboard or anywhere else you’ve been dumping those things that you know will come in useful one day!


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