Take Charge - Tabletop Landscapes - Photography

Step 5: Choosing your objects first

  • You can choose your objects first and make them fit the landscape


‘Kitchen Utensils Cityscape’



In our ‘Kitchen Utensils Cityscape’ example we were trying to make a cityscape from kitchen equipment and utensils. We had some interesting items but the early pictures looked like catalogue shots for a kitchen shop rather than a landscape.

By looking at a variety of photographs of cityscapes online we were able to see that what was missing was the crowded nature of a city. With this in mind we piled more items on the table and filled in the gaps, as you can see in the second image.

Other photographs we looked at showed the classic shot of a city skyline reflected in a body of water. Using well-worn formulas for your constructed landscape will help people to make the connection from random objects to landscape scene. In the words of the artist John Baldessari, “Never underestimate the power of a cliché.”



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