Take Charge - Yes I Did It!

Step 1:

Yes I Did It! Weekly Planner

Write a list of things you need and want to do in the week. Prioritise, by marking with an asterisk or a different colour pen, which of these activities are important to do first. Use a diary to plan the activities into your week (our downloadable PDF has a weekly calendar which you can print off). It can be helpful to look at your diary every evening and prepare yourself for the following day

Step 2:

Congratulations - Yes I Did It!


Make it your intention to be aware of your successes throughout the day


What do we mean by success?   

Success could be:

  • Choosing to approach a situation differently
  • Doing one of your planned activities


Send the above image as an E-card to friends and family. Click here to open in a new window.

Step 3:


Yes I Did It! Stamps


At the end of each day, put time aside to reflect on your day and successes. It can be helpful to try and keep to the same time each day, perhaps linking your 15 minutes with just about the right time to enjoy a cuppa, whilst you mull things over.  You may need to search for successes to begin with. It can be a helpful reminder to look at your diary or write down events of your day

Change isn't easy:

Be patient and go easy on yourself.


Step 4:


Yes I Did It! Jar


For each success that you find, write on the back of a ‘Yes I Did It!’ stamp, a short message to yourself describing your success. Either pin it to the board, or place in the jar

Watch out for negative and critical thoughts which can get in the way of doing what you need and want to do, and undermine your successes.


Step 5:

At the end of one week read all your successes

What changes do you notice in your mood? 
Are there any changes to your daily routine?  
What changes do other people notice?

Don't stop!

Continue to reinforce positive experiences with repetition and practice.








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