Wellbeing Thermometer - Wellbeing Thermometer

Getting started:

  • You’ll see 7 statements on the measure.  Each one describes a positive thought or feeling-state known to be linked to wellbeing.  Next to each statement, you will see 5 boxes - ‘none of the time’, ‘rarely’, ‘some of the time’, ‘often’, and ‘all of the time.’ 
  • For each of the statements drag the slider or click on the number which most closely reflects your experience over the past 2 weeks
  • When you submit your ‘Wellbeing Temperature’ your score will be automatically calculated for you. Generally the higher your score, the higher your level of wellbeing. The highest possible score is 35, and lowest score is 7
  • We recommend that you add comments to remind yourself of what may be going on in your life to affect your scoring, and if you’ve been doing any particular creative activities which benefit you
  • Start2 will collect and store your data for you, and show you your wellbeing pattern, over a period of time, in the form of a map. This can be found in your private Ownzone. Your personal identity details, and your Wellbeing Thermometer scores are always kept confidential

Important note:

  • Whilst the Wellbeing Thermometer (based on sWEMWBS) is an excellent tool for showing patterns of wellbeing, you’re not filling this in under clinical or formal conditions, so just take your scores as a general indicator of how you’re feeling.  Remember that wellbeing isn’t static; it rises and falls depending on what’s going on in our life at a particular time.  When you complete your wellbeing thermometer it is usual for there to be a difference in score by one or two points. A dip in score doesn’t mean your wellbeing has worsened; it may be a natural fluctuation from one reading to the next. However, if you’re concerned about a consistently low score, please contact your G.P. or a health professional
  • sWEMWBS is a research tool validated for measuring wellbeing at a population level. It has yet to be validated for monitoring wellbeing in individuals


The Wellbeing Thermometer is based on the validated outcome measure Short Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale (sWEMWBS). Read more about sWEMWBS here.


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