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1st February 2013



What news?

Start2 is 6 months old. We’ve had some fabulous feedback from you about how you’re using Start2 and the benefits the resource is bringing both personally and professionally.  Over the last few months we’ve been running pilots with Student Wellbeing Services in Manchester and Salford, with GPs, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust services, and Manchester Leisure Trust and St Helen’s Council. These services have given us their feedback on their experience of using Start2. This, along with public feedback, has enabled us to sit down together and think of more resources and improvements to add in the future. We’ll keep you informed of our exciting developments.



Virtual Workshop - 4th-8th February

Start2 are very excited to be working in partnership with Big White Wall to run a series of Virtual Workshops, inviting participants to create written ‘Recipes For a Good Mood’ and to illustrate these using drawing and/or collage techniques.  Big White Wall is a 24/7, safe, anonymous, online support service. Big White Wall provides community support, with trained counsellors online at all times. In addition to this peer and professional support, there’s also a wide range of therapeutic activities available, plus self-help resources, clinical tests, and a wealth of information on mental health and wellbeing.

This virtual workshop gives the opportunity for people from different geographical areas to participate in a safe and supportive group setting. ‘Recipe For a Good Mood’ is a brain boosting activity, which encourages creative thinking and activity.  It highlights and encourages the use of self-care resources that we all have and focuses on positive thinking. It encourages us to notice our surroundings and to connect to others, and helps us to express ourselves creatively.

Why not try it for yourself or create your Recipe For a Good Mood with our fantastic animation generator. You will need to be registered to save and share your animation. (Registration is quick, easy and private)


National Doodle Day (UK)

- 8th February 2013

Did you know?
Doodling is good for us! Recent studies have shown that doodling enhances our concentration when we’re only partly engaged in listening to something (or to put it another way, when we’re feeling a bit bored). As doodling stimulates our brains when they might otherwise be idle, doodling helps with focus and stops our minds from wandering.
Why not try some creative play with added benefits here?
Share your doodles in our Communal gallery here.


Use your doodle to take part in National Doodle Day

Friday 8th Feb is National Doodle Day is a unique, fun and fantastically simple fundraising event, which raises money for Epilepsy Action. Epilepsy Action exists to improve the lives of people living with epilepsy by providing practical support and information in a number of ways. 

Register your interest with them and send in your doodles by 8th March 2013 – more details here

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