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March News

13th March 2013


Thank you to those of you who shared your doodles with us from last month’s newsletter. We hope you enjoyed your creative play.



So what's new?

We’re making changes to Start2 based on your feedback over the last 6 months and we’ve created some more exciting bite-sized activities to benefit your wellbeing. We’ll keep you updated with our progress and when you can get stuck into these new activities.



Manchester University Wellbeing Week:

This week Start2 are running a workshop for Manchester University's staff and students, as part of Manchester University Wellbeing Week on the theme ‘Be Calm.’  We’ll be talking about how regular creative activities can help reduce symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety and increasing feelings of well-being – as well putting it into practice with a creative writing and collage workshop.


Start2 workshops:

At the beginning of February we ran a series of Virtual Workshops, with Big White Wall. Participants were encouraged to take part in daily, guided creative activities, where they followed step-by-step instructions that enabled them to create a written ‘Recipe For a Good Mood.’ Participants then worked through ideas to illustrate these recipes, using colour, text and drawn and/or collaged images. The guided workshop created a warm and safe environment for people to take part, give and receive positive feedback, encourage and share their Recipes and their experiences of doing regular creative activities. The workshops were well received.  One participant reported a significant drop in depression score, which was attributed to having taken part in daily creative activity.  Some participants have kindly given permission to share their thoughts and Recipes (below).


Creative activity suggestions:

Now that spring is in the air why not try our brain boosting Creative Writing Acrostic Poems  inspired by flowers? Upload your writing to your own private Creative Writing Collection and add photographs. (You’ll need to be registered to do this. Registration is quick, easy and private).
Read other’s work and share yours in the Communal Creative Writing Collection for others to see. 

Or create your own Paper Crafted Daisy following our Paper Crafting video guide and templates (which can be printed out from the video guide page).


Best wishes



“I was feeling a bit down and this did help. Thanks.”

“Doing the Recipe in ingredients definitely lifted my mood which carried throughout the day. Then when making the (written) Recipe I found the task relaxing and got a good feeling from the memories.”


‘Somewhere Safe’

A cool sunny autumn day
A stretch of river

One best friend
Several bucketfuls of autumn leaves
A couple of cozy jumpers
A single voice

Combine a cool, sunny autumn day to a stretch of calm flowing river. Make room in the centre for one best friend, then sprinkle on bucketfuls of autumn leaves in shades of red, orange and gold. Add a couple of cozy jumpers, one for me and one for you. Finish with a single, warming voice.


‘Spring in Your Step’


One beautiful spring morning
One gentle breeze

Two wandering feet

One stranger (who is able to speak)

A child sized cup of curiosity

A lawnful of freshly cut grass

Plenty of time (not thyme)

Take a beautiful spring morning and carefully remove any clouds from its blue sky. Infuse with a gentle breeze. Place your feet firmly in the mixture, stir and allow to wander. Combine with a stranger, and lightly sprinkle both with greetings. Form a knowing smile. Pour all the curiosity into your mind, and drain off your worries. Serve with plenty of time, and garnish with freshly cut grass to fill up your senses.