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2013 / August

Start2 on the road

8th August 2013

Welcome to our August newsletter. 


Take your wellbeing temperature

Take your Wellbeing Temperature today to log, measure and understand your own patterns of wellbeing. Get advice from our mentor on activities to boost and maintain positive wellbeing, helping you to choose the creative wellbeing activity to best suit you. Follow step-by-step guidance online or download activities to do wherever you’d like.


You need to be registered to use the Wellbeing Thermometer. Both registration and The Wellbeing Thermometer are quick, easy and completely private.



Start2 on the road - The Early Intervention Team service enjoy Start2 creative activity 

The Start2 team was asked to deliver a workshop specifically on architectural photography for users of the Early Intervention Team. With only a smattering of rain we traversed the streets of Manchester armed with ideas and cameras, coming up with some great photographs. These will be used on the Early Intervention Team’s website in the near future.


"The workshop was excellent.  It was very well thought out, planned and implemented, delivered in a very relaxed and informal atmosphere. The workshop was tailored for our client group and fit the bill perfectly.  The clients were very enthusiastic about the it, learned some new skills and had fun."

Barrie Plaiter, Early Intervention Team


Start2 offers creative workshops with wellbeing at the core, tailored to suit you.
  Please contact the team if you have any queries.


Start2 top up wellbeing

Replenish that all important Vitamin D by taking rubbings outdoors to create your own collage papers, then you can use them in one of our collage activities.


Being curious and aware of our surroundings – whether that’s indoors or out - can help us to ‘live in the moment.’ Taking note of our experiences helps us to appreciate what’s important and interesting to us.


Next month we’ll be telling you more about our re-structure and our exciting new activities. (You can download and do a taster of one here)


Best wishes


Start2 team