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2014 / January

Start the New Year as you mean to go on…

Having goals to work towards can help us feel empowered and more in charge of life.  Studies show that if we write down a goal, and, even better, spend time creating a plan for achieving it, we’re far more likely to be successful than if we just think about a goal.


If you’ve decided to make some resolutions for the new year check out our step-by-step Goal Setting guide for ways to set realistic goals, troubleshoot potential difficulties and measure your progress.

You can add your goals and regular comments about how you’re progressing towards your goals in your own private Ownzone.  (You’ll need to register to do this. Registration is quick, easy and private).


Wellbeing in the workplace

Wellbeing in the workplace is growing in popularity, with a growing number of organisations offering mindfulness courses and companies like Google offering employees a free ‘Search Inside Yourself’ course designed by mindfulness experts with a Google engineer.


Whether we’re at work, or doing household chores we’ll all have forgotten to take or skipped breaks to get the task done, but actually you can be doing yourself and your employees a favour by taking a break.

Studies show that taking a break boosts productivity. And with meaningful activity in our breaks we can boost our wellbeing too! 

Our mental concentration becomes fatigued in same way our muscles do when they’ve been in constant use.  Research shows that performance at work almost always decreases with time. However, when workers take scheduled short breaks from tasks requiring concentration and memory, performance increases. We’re not talking hours, studies show that regular ‘Microbreaks’ are more effective than working through lunch to get things done.  Microbreaks are between 30 seconds – 5 minutes.

We’ve suggested 4 micro activities to help you take a break. View online or print off to suit you.

Doodling not dawdling

Break into a smile

Finding headspace

Out and about*


*shorten the length of this activity to suit you


If you’re interested in other Start2 bite-sized activities you can choose from our list here


If you’re an employer or employee looking for ways to bring wellbeing into the workplace you can download the information here and share. The document has links you can click on to direct you to the suggested activities.

How are you using Start2? How has it benefited you? We’d love to hear from you. (can be anonymous)


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