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2014 / October

We’ve been noticing the changes in the season with beautiful rustic reds and browns beginning to adorn the local parks, and the horse chestnut trees mischievously firing conkers at unsuspecting heads. Autumn and the other seasons are popular symbols in art and literature to symbolise change and making way for new things, amongst other things. We’re excited about what’s ahead and in store for Start2 and we share some of these with you today.


Start2 is shortlisted for prestigious HSJ award 

We’re thrilled to have been shortlisted for HSJ Awards in the category of Innovation in Mental Health.  We’re very proud to have the recognition from these prestigious awards and by the time you read this newsletter we will have also delivered a presentation to a panel of judges…we’ll of course keep you posted.


World Mental Health Day - Friday 10th October

This year World Mental Health Day (WMHD) focuses on ‘Living with Schizophrenia.’

The Mental Health Foundation provides information about schizophrenia and ideas of what you can do on WMHD. 


On WMHD we’re really looking forward to running a creative wellbeing workshop with staff and students at Manchester Metropolitan University. As sadly you can’t all join us, why don’t you take some ‘me-time’ and do a Start2 activity too?


Send a greeting

Studies show that giving and connecting to others can bring mutual feelings of warmth, joy and appreciation. We’re not talking about lavishing friends and family with expensive gifts, but a listening ear, or an hour of time to lend a helping hand, or quite simply sending a friendly greeting.

Why not do so with a Start2 e-card or add a unique thoughtful touch by making a fabulous wondrous word card?


Autumnal action

Studies show that regular physical exercise can reduce stress, depression and anxiety. Being active also reduces mental and muscular tension, so increasing our concentration and energy levels. Even if the thought of physical activity leaves some us running for the hills (in our heads of course) do keep reading…Notice the changing seasons and stroll away from stress with Start2s creative ten-minute walk activity. Take a camera or mobile phone camera along also and don’t forget to upload them to the Start2 Stress Busting Gallery for others to enjoy too.


Autumn leaves

Explore the seasons and imagination with this art and poetry appreciation activity.

Discover how to use artwork as an inspiration for creative writing. 

Build confidence in writing skills and give your brain a welcome workout.

Share creative writing in the Start2 Communal Creative Writing Collection

Or create a personal Creative Writing Collection. (You’ll need to be registered and logged in upload writing. This is quick, easy and private).


Wellbeing in the workplace (and beyond)

Mental health and employment is a topic that’s been cropping up in the news regularly. The recent report (Public Mental Health Priorities: Investing in the evidence) from Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer makes clear recommendations for the NHS and public health services in order to effect positive change for our mental health. One of its focuses is on work and the importance for people with mental health issues to receive help in getting and retaining work. More recently we’ve heard about pilots beginning in the UK, which aim to get unemployed people with mental health problems into work.

Our Workplace Wellbeing page makes suggestions for activities for people to do in the workplace, as well as being ideal preparation for starting a new job. These are short activities, which don’t detract from the task in hand, but keep stress and anxiety, boosting wellbeing and productivity.

Why not try them?


Best wishes


The Start2 team