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2014 / February

Start2 continues to be enjoyed and used by a widening group of people, from Trust inpatients to those using community mental health services, from University students to people with dementia, from staff seeking wellbeing support to health and social care professionals wanting quality self-help tools for their clients.


In this newsletter we visit Acacia Unit to see how they are using the resources on Start2.


Special notice:

Due to financial constraints the Start2 project management, including newsletters, workshops and other staffed functions, will sadly be coming to an end. Start2 will still be available to use online for the present.


Acacia Unit uses ready-made activities to benefit staff and patients

Acacia Unit, Park House, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust (MMHSCT) have been using Start2 on the ward in a weekly creative activity group.


Acacia Unit is an all male, rehabilitation and recovery ward based at Park House.


Individuals may stay on the unit from anything between 12-18 months, dependent on the individual. Acacia Unit works with an individual on a recovery-focused care plan and aims to make a person’s stay as therapeutic as possible. As part of this service, alongside other activities, Acacia Unit is using Start2’s creative activities and occupational therapy exercises in weekly creative sessions with patients. This ‘Art Group’ not only gives social and meaningful activity whilst on the ward but, provides a tool that people can use at any time whilst there, and crucially, a resource which they can use to maintain wellbeing once they have moved on.


Michelle Bennett, Acting Clinical Practice Lead, Acacia Unit says:


“The great thing about Start2 is that you can use it and adapt it to suit any client group and the environment that you work in. Given the nature of our service we have new client groups coming in, so we use activities again and again..."


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Start2 top up on your wellbeing at work

Following on from last month’s newsletter about wellbeing in the workplace, Start2 is speaking with Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust’s Community Mental Health Teams about how they can use Start2 to benefit their own wellbeing. 


Why not use these suggested activities in your workplace?


Start2 offers creative responses to difficult times

Start2 features in Asylum Magazine’s Spring Edition on creative responses in difficult times. Start2 was approached, by Paul Atkinson on behalf of Alliance of Counselling and Psychotherapy, to write a piece about creativity and wellbeing.


Read more about the special edition here.


You can find out more about Asylum Magazine and get a copy here.


Your wellbeing...

Looking for some inspiration for yourself or others? Get your teeth into our bite-sized activities here.


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