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2014 / June

Carers’ Week - Monday 9th - Sunday 15th June

Carers Week is a UK-wide annual awareness campaign. Its aim is to improve the lives of carers and the people they care for. 


The responsibilities of being a carer have a strong impact on life – affecting relationships, work, finances, health and wellbeing.  It’s easy to by-pass your own wellbeing as you focus more on others.


You can use Start2 to benefit your own wellbeing needs, with short activities which can be done over and over to energise, boost and maintain positive wellbeing.


So if you’d like to learn new skills or rekindle old passions and top up on your own wellbeing today log on to Start2. Whether you use Start2 to find inspiration for activities to do with those you care for, or for that all important ‘me’ time you’ll notice the benefits…


“As a carer it's important for me to have 'time out' but it's difficult for me to unwind. Whilst doing some of the activities with Start2 I have managed to not only switch off but also create things that absorb me and help me to relax. I would recommend carers use Start2 to enable a sense of calm and well-being and to tap into an often unrecognised artistic streak.”


Lindsey Cree, Carer of son with severe mental illness, Chair of Rethink Manchester Carers In Action (RMCIA)


A Brief Pause - Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the bringing of awareness to our present moment, with a quality of warmth, kindness, curiosity, and spaciousness.


Research tells us regular practice of mindfulness can bring many benefits such as managing stress, pain, anxiety and low mood. By being mindful we can connect more to our senses and enrich the way we experience the world around us.


More bite-sized activities can be found here.


Men’s Health Week - Monday 9th- Sunday 15th June

This years Men's Health Week 2014 focuses on work and health, including stress and unemployment.


*We spend about 100,806 hours of our life working. Studies have suggested longer working hours lead to greater risk of anxiety and depression, whilst others show that unemployed men are more likely to suffer from mental health issues. (*taken from Menshealthforum website)


Whilst a little bit of stress can be beneficial for us, too much stress significantly reduces our quality of life, health and wellbeing. Studies suggest that psychological stress can be a trigger or important factor in producing a variety of physical symptoms, lowering our immunity and accounting for up to 90 percent of all illness and disease!


In Start2’s Stress Busting section you can learn skills that will help you to be more aware of and to manage stress. You will also find simple mood boosting activities and imaginative ways to build physical activity into your life. Regular physical exercise can, as studies show reduce stress, depression and anxiety.


All Start2 activities give practical examples of the benefits to our daily lives.  If practised on a regular basis these creative wellbeing activities can begin to build our inner resources to maintain positive wellbeing. With over 100 activities there are plenty to meet your wellbeing needs and likes. Here’s one to start you off…


Tabletop Landscapes

Be resourceful, feel useful and problem solve with our Tabletop Landscapes activity. Be inventive with what you’ve got to hand and create fantastic landscapes using everyday objects.


London Creativity Week 2-11 June 2014

The third annual London Creativity and Wellbeing Week is taking place, with events going on outside of London too. More information can be found here.


We do hope you enjoy Start2. If you have any feedback or comments about Start2 these can be sent (anonymously if desired) via our feedback form, or via Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust contact form. Thank you.


Best wishes


The Start2 team