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2014 / July

Happy birthday to us

This month Start2 is 2 years old and is being used all over the world in a wide variety of ways, benefiting individuals, groups and other organisations and services.


“Thank you Start 2 for inspiring me at my most difficult times as a Carer and a person with several disabling long term illnesses.” (Start2 user)


“This is a gem of a site! There are great ideas for children, teens and adults, anyone who wants creative ideas whether or not they feel “creative.” It’s also good for people with fairly low energy, mental or physical illnesses.” (Start2 user)


“Just thank you for the lifeline.” (Start2 user)


We’d love to hear how you’ve been using Start2 and how it’s benefiting you and/or others. 


Start2 receives recognition from prestigious Nominet Internet Awards 2014

Start2 were very pleased to receive a ‘Highly Commended’ in the Digital Innovation in Public Services category of the Nominet internet Awards (‘celebrating the internet as a force for good’). Now in their 8th year the Nominet Awards celebrate the best that Britain has to offer and recognise those that make the Internet a better place.


Professor Louis Appleby, National Clinical Director for Health and Criminal Justice and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Manchester, former Director for Mental Health for England says: 

“In these times of pressure on resources it makes absolute sense to use digital technologies to enhance healthcare support as it makes help available 24/7. The reach of the health service can be profoundly deepened and broadened by this type of scheme.  The Start2 online service is poised to deliver both impactful evidence-based prevention work and improve the mental wellbeing of the population.  I would encourage you to use the service as part of an innovative solution to the pressing requirement to deliver care and support to more people and in ways that meet a wider variety of needs.”


Start2 hosts WeNurses Twitter Chat

Earlier on June Start2 hosted a Twitter chat with Wenurses about how regular creative activity and creative thinking benefits mental health. Over 40 health practioners discussed thoughts, ideas and shared experiences with one another. It was a great way for people to share best practice and personal experiences and find out what’s going on around the UK and further afield with regards to arts, health and wellbeing. 
We were asked to reflect briefly on the Twitter Chat which you can read here.  


@WeNurses is a weekly Twitter chat predominately aimed at nurses and takes place every Thursday at 8pm on Twitter using #WeNurses. 


Twitter chats are regular chats that take place at a specific time around a predetermined subject and use a hashtag (#) as a flag that binds a conversation. They are an excellent way to use the Twitter professionally to discuss topics with peers.


Family friendly activities

With the summer holidays looming closer we’ve put together some suggestions anyone looking after children this summer. As well as being enjoyable they’re free. Just register/log in (which is free, easy and private) and download/print activities. 


Out and about…

Making Faces in Places

Photographic Scavenger Hunt

Ten-minute Walk – Photography 

Taking Rubbings


And for the inevitable rainy day…

Can You Bottle Happiness?

Four of a Kind - Collage

Paint a Simple Landscape


Acrostic Flower Poem


Why not share what you've been up to in our galleries?
Each activity comes under one of 3 wellbeing themes which each have a gallery.

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