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2014 / September

Cancer care in the news

According to recent research 75% of cancer patients who are clinically depressed do not get the psychological therapy they need.

A new nurse-led approach has been designed specifically for patients with cancer to reduce depressive symptoms.

In a study of about 500 patients, the face-to-face therapy halved the depression scores of more than 60% of patients. 

Face-to-face treatment includes:

  • antidepressant drugs
  • encouraging patients to become as active as they can be
  • problem-solving therapy

Patients reported they were less anxious, less fatigued and experienced less pain.

Read more here.


Ways to be active 

It’s easier to be active in the summer – days are longer and (sometimes!) sunnier. So as summer draws to a close, daylight hours get shorter and mentions of (whisper) Christmas begin to surface, it’s easy to take up our hibernation position on the sofa and wrap another blanket around us.

Instead why not try our Autumn Shapes spotters guide - an enjoyable outdoor activity that encourages gentle physical exercise to ease us into the season? Research shows that we’ll be doing our heart, bones and mood a favour. It’s a great way to explore local areas and feel good too.

Try other Start2 Be Active activities. 

Don’t forget to upload any photos or artwork to our gallery to share with others. 


Start2 on the road

Start2 has been enjoying working with workers and volunteers at Manchester’s Lesbian and Gay Foundation. The team run a wide range of groups with varied topics, themes and activities and are always looking for new and enjoyable activities. The bespoke training sessions involved an interactive approach to coming up with ideas and showed how Start2 activities could be incorporated into sessions.


“I got a great deal from today.”


“I envisage referring to the session to reinvigorate our programme and delivery.”


“The training was interactive and enjoyable with lots of ideas for my group and the work I do on a daily basis.”


If you’re interested and would like to know more about our Start2 on the road consultation and training, contact us here leaving a contact email or telephone number so we can get back to you.


8th September - International Literacy Day

Did you know that reading is good for us?

According to studies reading for just six minutes can reduce stress levels!

Readers are more likely to learn something new and whether that’s facts or new words its one of the best ways we can boost our wellbeing.

In addition to helping us to relax and relieve pain or boredom, reading can also help us retain information more easily. Studies even show that reading fiction can increase our empathy for others. Tweet us what you’re reading...

Why not read other people’s creative writing inspired by Start2 Creative Writing activities here. 


Listening Books

If you like reading but find it difficult you can still reap the benefits through our friends at Listening Books who provide an audio-book library service to over 36,000 people across the UK. Members can choose from thousands of fantastic audio-books, and titles are available on a range of formats.

You can find out more about Listening Books here.



Prefer writing to reading? 

Writing has all the benefits of reading and here at Start2 we have a variety of carefully crafted creative writing activities designed to get those creative juices flowing and boost different wellbeing areas. Explore your imagination and stimulate creative energy, stretch your imagination and warm up your brain; build confidence in your writing skills; be inspired by the world around you; explore natural objects from unusual points of view using our Virtual Museum or be inspired by paintings in our Virtual Gallery...

Create your own private Creative Writing Collection, found in the Ownzone. You'll need to be registered and logged in to use this feature. (Registration is quick, easy and private).

Read other’s work and/or share yours with others in our Communal Creative Writing Collection. 


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