House Rules

The shared, public areas of the Website are a place for people to exhibit and share their creative work. We aim to ensure that the public, shared areas are inclusive and safe.
To use the public areas you need to register and set up an account. On registration, and every time you use the public areas, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy and our House Rules.  

If you have any questions or would like us to explain anything in further detail, please contact us and we'll respond to you as soon as possible.


House Rules

Please note that any opinions expressed within the public areas do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust and should not be attributed to us.
The House Rules are here to ensure that the public areas are a safe and informative place to be. We reserve the right to delete content at any time for any reason, in particular content which is likely to cause offence to other people, which may be unlawful or reveal personal details which could endanger a person’s safety.


Your account

As the public areas include the user name of a person posting content, we encourage you to create a user name alias for yourself, so that your true name is not visible on any posted content. Your user name should not contain an email or website address, telephone or fax number. Also, please don't use any language that others may find offensive. Please don't set up more than one account, as these will be treated with suspicion and may be removed. If you cannot remember your password , contact us via the ‘Forgotten your password’ prompt and you will receive an email reminder.


Your posts

The shared, public areas are a public forum and anything posted or uploaded there has the potential to be viewed by a great number of people. It is extremely important not to include any personal information in creative writing or other content that you post in the public, shared areas.  However, in the event that you do provide other people with your personal details this is entirely your choice and responsibility.


Mentioning details about individuals is strictly forbidden, for example, health professionals, hospitals, family members etc. Please keep in mind that you can be held legally liable for what you write.  For example, if you post defamatory comments about someone or a hospital, you may be held legally accountable for those comments.


Editing your posts – shared public areas

As a user of the shared public areas you cannot go back and edit your content, and you cannot delete it. Therefore please make sure that you are entirely happy with your content before you post it.


The shared public areas are controlled by the site Administrator, and a user can make requests to the Administrator to delete posts on grounds of offensiveness to others only. The Administrator can then make a decision about whether she or he agrees with the complaint, and take action accordingly. No discussion or appeals can be entered into regarding decisions to remove or retain content.


Editing your posts – OwnZone areas

You have full control of your own content within your OwnZone, which is private to each user. Here you can edit, delete and amend uploaded content.

As a user of the shared, public areas, you can not edit or delete content once uploaded.


Unacceptable behaviour

You should refrain from using inappropriate language in any content that you post in the public, shared areas. Please see the Registration Terms and Conditions for further details on content and content standards.  

Posts advertising products or services are not allowed.  



All posted content will automatically appear because we don't screen it before it goes live. We rely on you to alert us if there is any inappropriate content or behaviour. If you find any posted content or comments written in posted content offensive, please contact us immediately using the 'Report this page' button, and we will take appropriate action as soon as we reasonably can.  We reserve the right to take steps or implement measures that we think will benefit users of the public, shared areas.

If posted content breaches our Terms and Conditions it will be deleted and the user may be banned without warning. Postings will be removed or re-instated solely at our discretion.

If you discover inappropriate content, please use the ‘Report this page’ button.
If you fail to abide by the Terms and Conditions we reserve the right to ban you without warning. This decision is final and no correspondence will be entered in to nor will we be obliged to explain such a banning.



You agree to be very careful about the content of your posts and take full responsibility for the consequences of your actions if you post any defamatory, offensive or illegal content in the public, shared areas, and will put Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust back in pocket for any losses it suffers, damages awarded or any costs that it incurs in dealing with such consequences.

You should take steps to print out any work that you create of which you would like to keep copies as it is foreseeable that the Website may at some future point in time be discontinued. You will understand that your failure to keep copies of work that you have created may mean that you will lose creative work and/or other Content if and when the Website is discontinued.

English law governs all matters between us in relation to this website and all claims or disputes arising out of or in connection with this website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

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